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"VET in partnership" (2021-2-PL01-KA210-VET-000047988)


We would like to inform you that the project has been successfully completed. We make available the developed result of the project entitled. ,,VET experiences of the Polish-German-Portuguese partnership on adapting VET to the needs of the labour market and how to make it more attractive".

VET in Partnership - Report

FAV Service gGmbH partner in the project "VET in partnership!"

We are pleased to announce that we are a partner in the project entitled "VET in partnership! funded by the Erasmusplus Partnerships for Cooperation (KA2) Small-Scale Partnerships in Vocational Education and Training (KA210) programme.

About the project


Academic Upper Secondary School in Lomza (ASP) - Poland - Leader

FAV Service gGmbH - Germany - Partner

EduPlus - European Centre for Education and Skills Development, Lda - Portugal - Partner

Project objectives:

  1. to establish a targeted cooperation network creating a forum for the exchange of experience and innovative practices in adapting vocational education and training to the needs of the labour market,
  2. learning about ways to make vocational training more attractive,
  3. mutual learning on cross-sectoral cooperation increasing the link between the education and employment phase,
  4. exchange of information and experience on the scale of the problems mentioned above,
  5. incorporate the solutions learned into everyday practice.

The project outcomes will be:

  • learning about school educational and vocational counselling solutions in Poland, good practices in this field on the example of ASP,
  • learning about vocational orientation solutions in Germany, good practices to increase interest in vocational training on the example of projects carried out by the FAV,
  • to learn about school-based educational and vocational counselling solutions in Portugal, good practices in this field based on projects carried out by EduPlus,
  • comparing and evaluating the solutions and good practices learnt in the context of their adaptation,
  • getting to know each other (potentials and interpersonal) as a basis for planning and developing joint ventures leading to improvements and new approaches in VET,
  • building capacity for project-based international cooperation,
  • sharing the experience in their environment.

Source of funding

The project is funded by the European Union. IO_Koncowy ASP got

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